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Monthly Archive for: "March, 2018"

Let’s Get Dirty! 3/16/18

Both Rihanna and Chris Brown are clapping back on a truly distasteful ad from Snapchat. In case you missed it, they had an ad for the “Would You Rather” game that gave players the option to either slap Rihanna or punch Chris. Rihanna took to Instagram Stories to express her displeasure. She said, “SnapChat is [...]

Let’s Get Dirty! 3/15/18

Yesterday, thousands of students participated in National School Walkout Day, they left their classrooms at 10am local time for 17 minutes – one for each victim – and demanded increased gun safety and gun-control laws. And they did so with the support of Hollywood. Everyone from Katy Perry to The Chainsmokers weighed in on National [...]

Let’s Get Dirty! 3/14/18

World-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76. Born in Oxford, England, Hawking became famous for his work on black holes, cosmology and quantum gravity – his contributions to science spanned more than four decades. He also wrote many books on those subjects, including the 1988 best-seller "A Brief History of Time," [...]

Let’s Get Dirty! 3/13/18

Kylie Jenner is opening up about her pregnancy with her fans. When asked what the worst part of her delicate condition, Jenner said, “Probably not being able to eat sushi.” As for cravings, Travis Scott’s baby mama had to have Eggo waffles. “I never liked them before I was pregnant, and I haven’t had one [...]

Let’s Get Dirty! 3/12/18

As promised, Taylor Swift debuted the video for her latest single “Delicate” during last night’s iHeartRadio Music Awards. The clip opens with a dazed looking Taylor on the red carpet, who gets handed a note and then escapes to a bathroom where she reads it and then mysteriously becomes invisible to all those around her. [...]